Sessions Are Clothed

This type of therapy is performed with clothes on, so please choose comfortable clothing on the day of your visit. It is especially helpful if you do not wear jeans or hoods on your sweatshirt. Having your hair down out of clips and bands is also helpful.

At the Very Least, You Can Expect to Be Relaxed

Every session is different, but first sessions tend to follow most of the same techniques in order to achieve a balanced system while also uncovering your unique patterns of tension.

It Is Possible to Become Emotional

This looks different for each person. Emotion can be released in a single tear, in feeling angry, or in weeping and sobbing. This generally does not happen in the first session, but occasionally it does.

We Might Work Inside Your Mouth

If you are experiencing headaches, migraines, jaw pain, vertigo, tinnitus, poor sleep, or have had a concussion, the mouthwork techniques are recommended once your system is balanced. It is possible to do some of these techniques in a first session, but more often we are able to fit these into a second or subsequent session.

You Might Feel Temporarily Worse Before You Feel Better

This is very rare, but about one in one hundred clients report more discomfort after a session, either immediately or a few hours later. This usually resolves with time as your body adjusts to unwinding tensions.

It Might Take a Few Days to Integrate With Your Body

Some clients report not feeling much more than relaxed immediately after a session and then in the next few days notice their chronic headaches, back, or jaw pain have stopped completely.