Treatment Plans

How Often Should I Schedule Sessions?

We believe your body is the most expensive and valuable equipment you own. It needs care and maintenance, just as your children, pets, or vehicle do.

If You Are Currently Experiencing Symptoms

The official definition of chronic pain is a pain that has persisted for three months or more. While some long term pains can be resolved in one to three sessions, concerted attention is generally required in these instances. 

We recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions when your pain is at or greater than a five out of ten.

When your discomfort is less than five, we recommend bi-weekly or monthly sessions until it is resolved.

If You Are Healthy and Have Little Discomfort

If you have a stressful job or want to work through trauma stored in the body that is not causing pain, we recommend monthly sessions to maintain good health.

At the minimum, we recommend quarterly or twice annual visits as a release valve for the overstimulation of modern life. Humans did not evolve with the amount of sensory input we experience today.

If You Are a Highly Sensitive Person / Neurodiverse and Not Experiencing Symptoms

We recommend monthly sessions to support your sensitive nervous system. HSPs and Neurodiverse people experience autoimmune disease at a far higher rate. Your needs are valid and reducing stress is more important for you than Neurotypical nervous systems.

If You Have Been Told You Clench Your Jaw or Grind Your Teeth

Dentists today do a great job at identifying damage to the teeth from clenching and grinding (and selling dental devices!), but they never suggest working on the root cause: the neurological pattern of accumulated stress.

If you have a dental device already, have been told you clench or grind in your sleep, or have noticed you clench or grind, we recommend four weekly sessions to start followed by monthly sessions to address this pattern in the brain.