Heather LeFevre



CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch, hands-on method of listening to the craniosacral system for places where the body could benefit from various gentle techniques. This gentle traction and compression can release the body from pain as well as trapped emotions.

Our bodies are conductive and even with some of the most simple techniques, you might think “You are barely touching me, how can this possibly be effective?” This light touch allows the therapist’s nervous system to assist your nervous system to release and relax.

The techniques in this method release restrictions in the connective tissues of the body impacting a number of conditions and helping people with an array of health challenges related to pain and dysfunction.

Mouthwork techniques are especially helpful for TMJ issues, migraines/headaches, and concussions.

Heather practices trauma informed care and is trained by The Upledger Institute through Somatic Emotional Release 2.

My mission is to transform the perception of therapeutic touch from a luxury to a necessity for health.

I hope to help people live vibrant, robust lives. 

My experience seeing my grandparents become frail in their final years and my own experience of chronic pain make me determined to share these tools with others on their healing journeys.