Tongue Posture

Pause for a moment and ponder where your tongue is placed in your mouth.

Have you ever been taught where the ideal tongue position is located in the mouth?

Or that changing from one way of placing the tongue to another can have profound results over time?

Though he didn’t invent the concept, Dr. Mike Mew has made it his mission to spread the word about proper tongue posture.

He’s also into strengthening the muscles around the tongue by doing such radical things such as eating foods that require more chewing, like raw vegetables.

He’s popularized the concept as “mewing.”

Dr. Mew is English. So as an American, I seem to have missed out having gone to dentists all over the US and in Amsterdam. Not a one ever taught me these simple steps:

Proper tongue posture can lead to improved teeth position as well as reduced sleep apnea.

We all likely know this: The body is capable of change, at any age. But perhaps one of the changes that is right for you, as a root cause of health, could be a simple adjustment of tongue posture.