I'm Heather LeFevre.

I help people experiencing stress, anxiety, poor sleep and the impact of living in a modern world to reach deep states of healing relaxation to release fascial restrictions and trapped emotions.

I do this through advanced techniques from CranioSacral Therapy.

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light touch, hands-on method of listening to the craniosacral system for places where the body could benefit from various gentle techniques. By gentle, this means very light pressure generally no greater than 5 grams which is approximately the weight of a nickel.

Our bodies are conductive and even with some of the most simple techniques, you might think “You are barely touching me, how can this possibly be effective?” This light touch allows the therapist’s nervous system to assist your nervous system to release and relax. Remember, all of your muscle cells are like little slinkies controlled by your nervous system. It’s as much a skill to relax and have them expand as it is to send a message to contract.

The techniques in this method release restrictions in the connective tissues of the body. The practitioner learns to use the bones of the skull and sacrum to facilitate potentially profound releases impacting a number of conditions and helping people with an array of health challenges related to pain and dysfunction.

The experience of physical or, as we now know, emotional trauma, can remain recorded and stored in bodily tissues, wearing our systems down.

How can it help me?

CST is relaxing and why the first-time client might think of it as an assisted nap. Beyond the restorative feeling, CST has been shown to help with the physical components of PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Because all of the systems of the body are impacted by the central nervous system, any condition can potentially be helped. This includes circulatory and digestive issues as well as issues such as migraines, poor sleep or grief.

How many sessions will I need for my ________ problem?

If you don’t feel value after 1 or 2 sessions, this method may not resonate with you or the therapist may not allow you to feel truly safe.

From there, it depends on how long the problem has been around and the severity. A chronic condition may benefit from on-going support. An undiagnosed pain may go away in one session. Many clients appreciate the support this method provides to general health.

What training do you have?

After 800 hours of massage school at East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR, I worked at a medical massage clinic and started the 125 hours of CranioSacral training I now have from the Upledger Institute. Since relocating to Oakland, I work out of my downtown studio.

How can I stay in touch and learn more to benefit my health?

Sign up for my weekly Substack called Project 100. I send weekly messages sharing insights that can benefit your health and increase your liklihood of living a robust life to 100 years of age or longer.

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